Browsing AFP Print documents

AFP Print Browse provides a formatted display of an Advanced Function Printing (LIST3820) document. For Z Data Tools to be able to process the AFP file, it must have undergone the final processing performed by ACIF or a similar product. In particular, the file must contain the following records:

Z Data Tools formats any readable text using the embedded position information and stores it in a temporary file. Graphical data is not included.

When you select the AFP Print Browse option, the AFP Print Browse panel shown in Figure 1 is displayed.

You can specify the range of pages to be formatted and change the viewing size for better formatting results.

You can also use the FIND primary command to find the next occurrence of a character string. For example, FIND MISPELL finds the next occurrence of “mispell” in the LIST3820 document.

The formatted data is displayed with additional page separator lines. You can use scroll commands (see Scrolling to see data) and step from page to page through the document.