AUTOSAVE primary command

The AUTOSAVE primary command alters the current setting of the Autosave frequency option.

This setting is usually set via the VSAM Edit sharing options from the options menu or options pulldown.


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  1. If no parameter is specified: if the current setting is ON (a value exists), acts as if OFF as been specified; if the current setting is OFF, acts as if ON has been specified.
Saves the value of the current Autosave frequency and then sets the frequency to zero, disabling the feature.
Makes the previously used Autosave frequency (or the value 1 if no previous Autosave frequency value exists) the current Autosave frequency, enabling the feature.
Sets the current Autosave frequency to nnnnnn. To disable the feature, specify the value 0. nnnnnn can be in the range 0–999999.


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