Catalog Services panel

The Catalog Services panel is used to list or print catalog entries, and to invoke IDCAMS commands or other Z Data Tools options for catalog entries.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Catalog Services panel
  Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools                   Catalog Services

   blank List catalog entries                A Alter catalog entry
     DEF Define catalog entry              DEL Delete catalog entry
       I Display entry information           P Print catalog entries

 Data Set:
    Data set name . 'HFMUSER.EXPORT'                              
    Catalog ID  . .                                               

 Processing Options:
    Entry Type
    3  1. Any           5. Alias         8. GDG           11. Page space
       2. Non-VSAM      6. Cluster       9. Index         12. Path
       3. VSAM          7. Data         10. OAM           13. User catalog
       4. AIX

    Enter "/" to select option
       Batch execution  /  with list
       Include Additional Qualifiers
    /  YY/MM/DD date format (def. YYYY.DDD)
       Processing limit  0         
 Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
  F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
Data Set
Describes the data set to be processed:
Data set name
The data set name to be used as the target of the catalog service you have requested. For the list and print services, you can specify a generic data set name.
Catalog ID
The catalog to be searched in place of using the system catalog search order.
Processing Options
Entry type
Restricts the catalog search to the specified type. The effect of this option depends on the catalog service that has been requested. For all services except DEFINE, it simply restricts the search to entries of the specified type and is useful with the list or print service and a generic data set specification. With the DEFINE service, it predetermines or restricts the type of entry to be defined. If the type is ambiguous (Any, VSAM, Cluster, Data, or Index), Z Data Tools displays a pop-up panel from which you can specify a specific entry type to be defined.
Batch execution
Presents the JCL to run the LIST, PRINT, DEFINE, or DELETE functions in batch. You can edit the JCL before submitting it. Use the Set Batch Job Card Information panel to tailor the default JOB card that Z Data Tools uses to generate JCL.
with list
Used in conjunction with the Batch execution option. Z Data Tools first displays a data set list matching the entered data set name allowing you to specify DEFINE or DELETE functions using prefix commands to produce JCL for a data set selected from the list.
Include Additional Qualifiers
When selected, generates the data set list with all data sets matching the qualifiers in the Data set name field, including data sets with additional qualifiers.

When not selected, the data set list is restricted to only include data sets with the qualifiers entered in the Data set name field. Data sets with additional qualifiers are not included.

YY/MM/DD date format (def. YYYY.DDD)
When selected, causes all dates on the Data Set List panel and listing to be shown as YY/MM/DD instead of the default YYYY.DDD.
Processing limit
When selected, only the specified number of entries are processed for display or print.

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