Change data in multiple records

When you are editing data, you can change data in multiple records, by entering a primary command. Here are the commands, listed in functional groups:

Limit the column range affected by the CHANGE, EXCLUDE and FIND commands.
BOUNDS primary command
Find and replace a character string (or a numeric value in a numeric field)
CHANGE/CX primary command
Change data in error
CE (Change Error) primary command
Split or join records

JOIN primary command
SPLT primary command
SPLTJOIN primary command

Save your edited data or cancel without saving

CANCEL primary command
SAVE primary command
FILE primary command

Control the display of the prefix area
PREFIX primary command
Cancel pending prefix commands, remove record labels, display excluded records, and remove highlighting from found strings.
RESET primary command
Exclude certain records from display
EXCLUDE/XX primary command
Delete data, and recover deleted data

DELETE primary command
Recovering deleted records

Copy data within the same record
COPY primary command
Limit the columns to be edited
Setting bounds
Translate data to uppercase

Changing the case of data
Changing the case of data