Clone Member List panel

You can insert, delete, rename, find, and select new members from the Clone Member List panel.

 Z Data Tools                  Clone Member List                Row 1 to 3 of 3
 Command ===> _____________________________________________________ Scroll CSR 

   Name     Description                              Date Changed        Size
 _ DEMO1    Copy hfm.** data sets                    2018/08/22 10:57        1
 _ PI99999  Copy hfm.pi99999 to keeper.apar.pi99999  2018/07/06 14:50        1
 _ XCRUZ    Cruise data sets                         2018/10/18 19:47        6
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Field descriptions

Clone member name.
Input field to update or view existing member descriptions.
Date changed
The date and time when the member was last modified.
The number of lines in the member.

Primary commands

L string
Search for string in the member name and description fields.

Example: L JCL will search the member name and description for the value "JCL".

F string
Search the contents of the members for one or more strings. This performs an enhanced search of the clone data set for string. Use AND & OR | connectors to provide more than one string. Select the member by pressing Enter with the cursor positioned on a member name in the enhanced search report.
S member
This will select the member for the Clone Data Sets panel if it exists, otherwise an edit session will open in which you can edit the member.

Line commands

Select the member and return to the Clone Data Sets panel.
Edit the member
View the member
Insert the member
Rename the member
Delete the member