Review Clone List panel

Use the Review Clone List panel to review the data sets that will participate in the copy process. You can select entries to remove from the list of data sets to be cloned.

If the panel display is 80 characters wide then the full names for the From and To data sets might not be visible in the area provided. Use the left (F10) and right scroll keys (F11) in the From or To fields to scroll both columns simultaneously. Use the expand key (F4) to see the full data set name in a window.

 Z Data Tools                  Review Clone List                Row 1 to 4 of 4
 Command ===> _____________________________________________________ Scroll CSR 

Review the list of data sets below and use the D line command to delete
data sets you don't want copied. Press Enter to continue with the copy.
Use F3 or Cancel to return.

   From                                 + To                                  +
 _ HFM.DEMO01.EXEC                        KEEPER.DEMO01.EXEC
 _ HFM.DEMO01.MSGS                        KEEPER.DEMO01.MSGS
 _ HFM.DEMO01.PANELS                      KEEPER.DEMO01.PANELS
 _ HFM.DEMO01.SKELS                       KEEPER.DEMO01.SKEL
 ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Primary command

F string
Move the cursor to the next row that contains string in the From or To data set names.

Line command

Remove the entry from the copy list.