Changing the length of a record

For those files that support variable-length records, you can change the length of the record by displaying the record length in an edit session and then overtyping it with the required value.

Note: You cannot change the length of a record in In-place edit.
You can display the record length by any of these methods:
  • Entering the zoom mode from a CHAR, HEX, or LHEX display format.
  • Displaying the record in SNGL display format.
  • In multi-line formats (TABL, CHAR, HEX, and LHEX), issuing the RECLEN primary command (RECLEN ON, RECLEN LEFT, or RECLEN RIGHT).
  • Ensuring the Display record length option on the relevant Editor Options panel is selected.
Note: If you increase the record length, the new bytes added to the record are blanks.

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