Comparing load modules

Load modules are, as members of libraries, sequential datasets, and can be compared by content like other datasets. A record-mode compare helps to check whether load modules are the same or not, but as the result contains differences between module texts, a further analysis is usually required.

However, in most cases, you are likely to want to see differences at a logical level, rather than at record level. You may want to know, for example, if both versions of a module were linked at the same time, and if CSECTs differ in size or were compiled using the same compiler versions.

A formatted comparison of load modules allows you to compare load modules at the logical level, with the ability to select properties to be compared and reported

Conceptually, you can see the process of a formatted comparison of two load modules in the following way:

You can perform load module comparison using either a Compare Utility (3.11, or DSM in batch), or its dedicated sub-function, Load Module Compare Utility (3.10.2, or CLM in batch). They share the same ISPF variables and, in batch, have the same syntax.

To perform a formatted compare of load modules:

  1. From the Primary Options menu, select Compare Utility (option 3.11).

    Z Data Tools displays the Compare Utility - "Old" Data Set Entry panel.

  2. Specify the "Old" load module information.
  3. Press Enter.

    Z Data Tools displays the Compare Utility - "New" Data Set Entry panel.

  4. Specify the "New" load module information.
  5. Press Enter.

    Z Data Tools identifies the load module on both "Old" and "New" sides and assumes that you want to perform a load module formatted comparison. Accordingly, Z Data Tools displays the Compare Load Module Options panel, instead of the Compare Options panel.

  6. Specify:
    • Comparison type: "Formatted", unless you want the content of the load modules to be compared in record mode.
    • Compare level: "Module" level is more general than the "CSECT" level.
    • Load module criteria: specify the load module properties you want to compare. If no criteria is selected, then only a comparison of the load module name is performed.
    • CSECT criteria: specify the CSECT properties you want to compare (only applicable if Compare level is CSECT).
    • Processing Options: specify as required.
    • Listing Options: specify as required.
  7. Press Enter to perform the compare.
  8. When you have finished viewing the report or editing the batch JCL, press the Exit function key (F3) to return to the "Old" data panel.

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