Creating the reference data set

A reference data set can be created when you display the reference list or refer to a reference member for the first time via the EFind command. If the current reference data set does not exist, the following panel will be displayed.
   Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Options  Status  Help                            
 ─ ┌────────────────────────── Allocate data set ──────────────────────────┐ ── 
   │ Command ===>                                                          │    
 O │                                                                       │    
   │ The data set was not found                                            │    
 0 │                                                                       │    
 1 │ Data set name   userid.HFMSRCH.INDEX                                  │    
 2 │                                                                       │    
 3 │ Change the data set name or                                           │    
 4 │                                                                       │    
 5 │ Press ENTER to allocate a new data set                                │    
 6 │                                                                       │    
 7 │  F1=Help       F2=Split      F3=Exit       F7=Backward   F8=Forward   │    
 9 │  F9=Swap      F12=Cancel                                              │    
 1 └───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘    
 11 Workplace     ISPF Object/Action Workplace            Release . : ISPF 7.1  
 12 z/OS System   z/OS system programmer applications                           
 13 z/OS User     z/OS user applications                                        
 14 IBMGSA        IBMGSA Development and Service Apps                           
 S  SDSF          SDSF                                                          
      Enter X to Terminate using log/list defaults                              
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F7=Backward  F8=Forward   F9=Swap      
 F10=Actions  F12=retrieve                                                      

You can overtype the reference data set name to choose an alternative name.

Note: The allocate dialog should be used to allocate the reference data set to ensure it is defined with the correct file attributes. When allocating a new reference data set, you will be subsequently placed in an edit session of a member called DEFAULT; in this session, you can specify the resources you want the product to search by default. For more information, see How the data set or resource list is determined.