Creating HFS files

You can create new records in an existing HFS file in the same way as you do for z/OSĀ® files, or create a new file and initialize it with new records. The rules are described in Creating data sets and records. If the file already exists, specify the same options as for an z/OS file. If you are creating a new file, select 9 (HFS) on the Allocate: New Data Set Organization panel. Then, on the File Attributes panel, define the privileges details for accessing the file.

A viewed or edited file can be interpreted as a text or binary file. If you do not select the Binary mode option, text mode is assumed and records are determined by delimiters. If you select the Binary mode option, the records are determined by record size defined in reclen, or by the default, 80 bytes.

You cannot specify a path to the HFS directory. Only a regular file can be allocated or initialized.