Setting up a template to be used with segmented data

Templates that contain more than one record type can be set to be used with segmented data by entering a "/" in the Template for segmented data field.

When you are viewing or editing data using a segmented data template, the following restrictions apply to template editing:
  • You cannot update the Template for segmented data field in the Record Type Selection panel (accessed with the TEDIT command).
  • You cannot change the Record Identification Criteria, Related Identification Criteria, or Selection Criteria set in the Field Selection/Edit panel (accessed with the TEDIT command and then the E command on the Record Type).
  • You cannot use the TVIEW command (which would otherwise display the Template Workbench, allowing you to select or create a different template).
  • The length of a segment is calculated as the length of the matching structure, unless you provide a length field. Any binary or alphanumeric field less than 4 bytes in length can be set as the length field by editing the field attributes. If a length field is provided, then Z Data Tools uses the binary value provided as the segment length and adjusts the structure length accordingly.
1 You can choose to specify record type definitions that do not contain any Record Identification Criteria. If Z Data Tools cannot match a segment (using Record Identification Criteria) with any of the other record types, it uses the first record type without any Record Identification Criteria, whose length is less than or equal to the remaining length on the record, as a default segment.