Data Set Selection panel

The Data Set Selection panel lists all data sets that match the data set name pattern provided on a process Entry panel, for example, on the View Entry panel. From this panel, you can select a data set for processing.

The panel can be called from a number of different locations (see "Parent panels" below). On some occasions, the panel title is modified to reflect its current usage. For example, when called from the Copy Utility From panel, the title reads "Copy From Data Set Selection".

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Data Set Selection panel
  Process   Options   Help
  Z Data Tools                Data Set Selection             Row 00001 of 00006
 Data Set Selection for HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSD*
   Data Set Name                                  Type  Volume Created
   DTORNEY.FMDATA.KSD*                            *     *      *       
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS                            KSDS         2007.242
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS.DATA                       DATA  D$US57 2007.242
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS.INDEX                      INDEX D$US57 2007.242
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS2                           KSDS         2008.352
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS2.DATA                      DATA  D$US59 2008.352
   HFMUSER.FMDATA.KSDS2.INDEX                     INDEX D$US59 2008.352
 ****  End of data  ****

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Data Set Selection for
Indicates the pattern used on the Entry panel.
(Select field)
Where you can enter S to select your data set. While you can enter the S in more than one field, only the first selected data set is processed.
Data Set Name
Lists the data sets that match your pattern.
Lists the data set type for each data set displayed.
Lists the volume on which the data set is stored.
Lists the creation data for each data set, in the format yyyy.ddd where ddd is the day number within the year (not the date). For example, 2003.036 is February 05, 2003.

Child panels

  • The display panel that would normally result from your starting Entry panel.