Setting the Data Create Attributes in your template

To enter create attributes for a field:

  1. Display your template (dynamic or copybook) in the Field Selection/Edit panel.

    For details on how to do this, see Editing a template.

  2. Type E or DT in the Cmd field adjacent to the relevant field, and press Enter.
    • If E is entered, the Field Attributes panel is displayed.
    • If DT is entered the Date/Time Attributes panel is displayed.
  3. Enter values in the Create Attributes fields of the Field Attributes panel or the Create/Modify Attributes fields of the Date/Time Attributes panel.
  4. Press the Exit function key (F3) to return to the Field Selection/Edit panel.

    An ā€œEā€ is displayed under the SHE column to indicate that the attributes for the field have changed.

  5. Save your changes and exit from your template.

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