Displaying or editing DBCS characters

If you want to display or edit DBCS characters in Z Data Tools and you have a DBCS capable terminal, you must ensure that your ISPF settings specify a terminal type that supports these characters.

To specify the Terminal Type in ISPF:

  1. Exit from Z Data Tools and return to the z/OS® Primary Option Menu panel.

    Although you can change the ISPF Terminal Type setting while Z Data Tools is running, the change is not reflected until the next time that Z Data Tools is invoked.

  2. Select option 0. Settings. The ISPF Settings panel is displayed.
    Figure 1. ISPF Settings panel
       Log/List  Function keys  Colors  Environ  Workstation  Identifier  Help
                                     ISPF Settings
                                                                        More:   -
       _  Session Manager mode                   Command delimiter . ;
       /  Jump from leader dots
       _  Edit PRINTDS Command
       /  Always show split line
       _  Enable EURO sign
     Terminal Characteristics
       Screen format   1  1. Data    2. Std     3. Max     4. Part
       Terminal Type   3    1. 3277       2. 3277A      3. 3278       4. 3278A
                            5. 3290A      6. 3278T      7. 3278CF     8. 3277KN
                            9. 3278KN    10. 3278AR    11. 3278CY    12. 3278HN
                           13. 3278HO    14. 3278IS    15. 3278L2    16. BE163
                           17. BE190     18. 3278TH    19. 3278CU    20. DEU78
                           21. DEU78A    22. DEU90A    23. SW116     24. SW131
                           25. SW500
     Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
      F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F7=Backward  F8=Forward   F9=Swap
     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel                                                        
  3. Select either 3277KN or 3278KN from the list of Terminal Types.
    Tip: You may need to scroll down this panel to find the list of Terminal Types.
  4. Press Exit (F3) to save your selection and return to the z/OS Primary Option Menu panel.
  5. Restart Z Data Tools.