Deleting a catalog entry

  1. To run the delete function in batch, select the Batch execution option on the Catalog Services panel.
  2. Perform either of these actions:
    • In the Catalog Services panel, type a fully qualified data set name (and optionally the catalog name) for the existing entry, then enter DEL on the Command line.
    • From the Catalog Services panel, display a list of data set names.
  3. In the Data Set List panel, enter DEL in the line command field adjacent to the entry you want to view.

    A Delete Entry panel is displayed, showing the data set name, catalog ID and volume serial.

  4. Specify your additional delete options, by entering Y or N in the fields:
    Specify Y if the space occupied by the data set is to be overwritten with binary zeros when the data set is deleted; specify N if the space is not to be overwritten; or leave blank to use the erase option set when the catalog entry was defined or last altered.
    Specify Y to delete the catalog entry regardless of the retention period specified, otherwise specify N.
    Specify Y if the data set is to be removed from the VTOC of the volume on which it resides, otherwise specify N.

    This parameter is not applicable to entries which do not have a VTOC entry.

  5. Press Enter to process your request.
Note: For non-VSAM data sets, the DEL command does not remove the actual data set, unless you specify Y for Erase, Purge and Scratch.