Copying data sets

When you are using Z Data Tools under ISPF, you can use the Copy Utility (option 3.3) to copy data from one data set to another data set; when you are programming a batch job, REXX procedure or TSO clist, you can use the equivalent function, DSC (Data Set Copy). Whether you are using the panel or the function, the Copy Utility (option 3.3) lets you copy data using no templates, a “From” template only, or both “From” and “To” templates, in order of increasing flexibility.

You can also invoke the Copy Utility by issuing the COPY line command (or by selecting Copy from the Process pull-down menu) on the Data Set List panel, reached using the Catalog Services Utility (3.4). For more information, see Working with a list of catalog entries.

With or without templates, you can enhance Z Data Tools copy processing by specifying a REXX procedure or DFSORT statements. Using a procedure potentially allows you greater flexibility than any of the choices listed here, but it involves the extra complexity of programming.

With or without templates, you can copy records where the input and output data sets have different:

You can use the Copy Utility to:

Note: Z Data Tools supports the copying of Load Modules, when the following conditions are met:
  • Your input and output data sets are PDS or PDSEs.
  • Your TSO environment is active (and you can use the TSO authorized program services), or you are running Z Data Tools as program-authorized.
  • You have not specified a REXX or DFSORT user procedure.
  • You have not specified Start key, Skip or Copy counts.
  • You are not using templates.
  • You do not request member record counts.