Allocating a new data set

When you specify an output data set that does not exist, Z Data Tools prompts you to allocate the new data set by displaying two panels. You select the organization type for the new data set on the first panel. Your choice of data set organization determines which panel is displayed next. You can also provide a "Like data set" to be used as a model to provide data set attributes for the new data set. You can either specify the name of the model data set (which must already exist) directly on the Data Set Create utility panel, or on the new data set Allocation panel. You enter allocation specific information, such as primary and secondary space allocation and record length on the second panel. The second panel allows either the creation of a VSAM data set, a physical sequential or partitioned data set, an HFS file, or an IAM KSDS or ESDS data set.

To allocate a new data set:

  1. On the Allocate: New Data Set Organization panel, select the option for the data set organization type.
  2. If you want to copy the allocation attributes of an existing data set, specify the name of the data set in the Existing Data Set field.
  3. Press Enter. The panel that is appropriate for the selected data set organization type is displayed.
  4. Complete the fields in this panel to create the data set you require. For general information about defining data sets, see the DFSMS Using Data Sets manual for your operating system. For specific information about valid field values, use the field-level Help (put your cursor in the field and press F1).

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