Printing from Z Data Tools

Using Z Data Tools, you can print entire data sets, selected records from data sets, audit trail reports, template definitions and various other reports generated by Z Data Tools utilities.

Your print output can be directed to the current SYSPRINT allocation, a temporary data set, a REXX stem variable, or to your terminal, depending upon your Print Processing options. You can also use these options to specify the format and layout of your print output.

If you are working in online mode and your print output has been directed to a temporary data set, you can send that data set to a printer by taking the following steps:

  1. From the Command line of any menu or Entry panel, enter the PB command (Print Browse), or for the Z Data Tools debug trace, enter the PBT command (Print Browse Trace). This displays the current contents of your temporary print or trace data set.
  2. Enter the PRINT command. This sends the data set to the SYSOUT class c allocated to a printer in your work environment.