Enhanced Change command member list panel

This panel displays the reference member list.

You can update the descriptions for each member by overtyping the description field. It will be displayed if you press Enter with the cursor on the blank member field value or if you enter a generic member name.

 Z Data Tools           Enhanced Change Command Members         Row 1 to 2 of 2 
 Command ===> _____________________________________________________ Scroll CSR  
 Data set name   DTORNEY.HFMCHNG.COMMANDS                
 Member pattern  *        
   Name     Description                              Date Changed        Size 
 _ TEST1    multiple commands                        2017/07/01 18:40        3 
 _ TEST2    simple command                           2017/12/22 13:19        1 
 ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Primary commands

L string
Search for the value in the member name and description fields. Example:
F string
Search the contents of the members for one or more strings. This performs an enhanced search of the reference data set for the string you entered. Use AND & OR | connectors to provide more than one string.

From the Enhanced Search Report pressing Enter on the member name line results in the associated member being selected for the previous command panel.

S member
Select a member for the previous command panel.

If the member does not exist an edit session will open in which you can create the member.

Line commands

Select a member for the previous command panel.
Edit the member
View the member
Insert a new member
Rename the member
Delete the member