Inserting records

When the display format is set to CHAR, HEX, LHEX or TABL formats, you can insert new records into the data set. You cannot insert new records when the display format is SNGL.

To insert new records in a data set:

  1. Position your cursor in the prefix area of the record above which you want to insert new records.
  2. Type the I or In prefix command, where n represents the number of records to be inserted.
  3. Press Enter. If using a segmented template a popup panel is displayed with a list of layouts for you to select the layout of the new segment. The new record or records are inserted above your cursor position. Each record is initialized as follows:
    • If the display format is CHAR, HEX or LHEX, then the entire record is initialized to blanks.
    • If the display format is TABL, then the record is initialized according to the record structure of the current record type:
      • Numeric fields are initialized to zero.
      • Alphanumeric fields are initialized to blanks.
      • If the record type contains a variable-length array, then the record is initialized with the minimum number of array elements, and the array size field (or fields, for multi-dimensional arrays) is initialized accordingly.
      • Fields defined as containing date values are initialized with the current date.
      • Fields defined as containing time values are initialized with the current time.
Note: The inserted records are not saved to the file until a SAVE, FILE, END or EXIT command is issued.
Note: To insert a new record when using a segmented template use the IR command. If the IR command is entered on the 'Top of Data' line the record is inserted as the first record in the data set. Otherwise the record is inserted at the end of the record containing the segment the command was issued against.