Recovering deleted records

Records that are deleted during an editor session are stored in a buffer. At any time before closing the editor panel, you can recover these deleted records.

To recover previously deleted records:

  1. Enter RECOVER n on the Command line, where n represents the number of records to be restored, starting with the last deleted record.

Records are stored in the buffer in the order in which they were removed, so that the command RECOVER 1 restores the last record to be deleted, RECOVER 2 restores the last two records to be deleted, and so on. Recovered records are inserted after the first record visible at the top of the data area. If the first visible line is ****** **** Top of data ****, the records are inserted at the beginning of the data set. Inserted records appear in the order in which they were deleted.

For example, if records 1, 5 and 7 were deleted from the data set in that order, the command RECOVER 1 would restore record 7, but RECOVER 3 would restore records 1, 5 and 7 in that order (not as 7, 5, 1).

Recovering a record removes it from the buffer. If you delete the recovered record, before saving the first recovery, you cannot recover it a second time. This can lead to loss of data. To prevent data loss, issue the SAVE command after each RECOVER command.
Note: When using an auxiliary edit, in order to minimize the recovery buffer usage and allow for many records to be deleted, only the ten latest deleted records are kept in the recovery buffer.