Editing records within data sets

As well as editing the data within records, you can use Z Data Tools to edit the records within a data set and segments within records if using a segmented template. The term "record", when used below, may refer to either a record or a segment within a record depending on whether a segmented template is being used.

Note: Many editing actions are performed using prefix commands. Generally, you need to type over only the first 1 or 2 characters of the line number to enter a prefix command. Sometimes, however, typing a single character can be ambiguous. In the following example, it is unclear whether the intended prefix command is R to repeat line 31700, or R3 to repeat the line three times, R31 to repeat the line 31 times or R317 to repeat the line 317 times:

In such cases, the editor assumes that you have not typed a number following the prefix command. If you want to repeat the line three times, you can type one or more blanks following the R3.

R3 700