Changing data with a REXX procedure

You can specify an existing REXX procedure, or create a new one, to further enhance the way in which data is searched.

The find/change procedure is an alternative way to specify find and change commands that provides the flexibility of a REXX procedure. For Find/Change Utility, the REXX procedure is mutually exclusive to the primary commands CHANGE, BOUNDS, and CAPS.

However, you can use the FIND primary command to refine the selection list for the procedure. To do this, do not select the procedure until you have produced the list of members to be processed. You can deselect a record by executing an exit DROP statement. The Find/Change Utility report prefixes each record number selected by the REXX procedure with an “S”, each record changed by the REXX procedure with a “C”, and each record added by the REXX procedure with a “+”.

For general information about using REXX procedures with Z Data Tools options, see Enhancing Z Data Tools processing.