Refining the list of selected members

You can further refine the list of selected members in the Process List by using the FIND command to search for a specific string. The Process List is then reduced to only those members that contain the specified string.

For example, having created a Process List of members whose name start with “TRAN”, to refine the list to members that contain the string “salesperson-code”:

  1. Enter FIND SALESPERSON-CODE on the Command line.
  2. Press Enter. Z Data Tools displays a panel showing the records within each member that contain the string “salesperson-code”.
    Figure 1. Find/Change Utility: example of results from FIND command
       Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Help
     BROWSE    HFMUSER.SRCHFOR.LIST                       Line 00000000 Col 001 080
    ********************************* Top of Data **********************************
    HCL Z Data Tools
    Find/Change Listing DSN:HFMUSER.FMOS390.COPY
     TRANREC2                    ---------- STRING(S) FOUND ----------
    Record Number
         18             05 salesperson-code           Pic 9(4).
      -- Find/Change summary section --
      Records found: 1 Records processed: 65
      Members w/recs: 1 Members wo/recs: 1
      Search cols: 1:80 Longest line: 80
      Edit options in effect: CAPS:OFF
      Search argument: >SALESPERSON-CODE<
    ******************************** Bottom of Data ********************************
     Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> PAGE_
      F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F5=Rfind   F7=Up      F8=Down    F9=Swap
     F10=Left   F11=Right  F12=Cancel
  3. Press F3 (Exit). The Find/Change Utility panel is redisplayed showing the refined list of members in the Process List.

Alternatively, you can use the FINDNOT command to reduce your list of members to only those that DO NOT contain a string. The FINDNOT command can only be used for a PDS or PDS/E data set.

The output listing displayed after the FINDNOT command is issued, is similar to that displayed for the equivalent FIND command, except that:

You can also exclude members from the Process List by entering S in the Sel field for the members you want to exclude. You can toggle between excluding a member or not by entering S in the Sel field.

To refresh the Process List to its original state (that is, the list of members as determined by the combination of the Data set name, Member, and Volume serial entry fields), press the Refresh function key (F5).

When you have generated the desired Process List, you can use the FIND or CHANGE primary commands to find or alter data in the selected members.

Note: You can restore your refined Process List to the full list (as specified by the data set Input fields), by entering the REFRESH command (F5).

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