FKEY primary command

You use the FKEY primary command to specify a starting position when browsing, viewing, or editing a KSDS using a layout from the currently loaded template. The FKEY primary command positions to the record containing, or beginning with, the specified keyvalue. This is similar to the ability provided by the Key field on the editor entry panels.


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If you leave this blank, the layout of the current record is used, or the current key segment layout for segmented editing. If the current record is the top or end of data, then the current layout for the editor is used. You can also specify a value which is used as a filter to select a layout name. If the value does not match any existing layouts or matches more than one layout, then a list is displayed from which you can select the required layout.


Formatted key showing all current 01s in a selection list:
Formatted key using default layout:
Formatted key showing all layouts beginning with A:
Formatted key using layout rec-type01:
FKEY rec-type01