F4 edit macro hot spots

To bypass the F4 menu displays and drive the respective option, use the values in the following tables:
Table 1. Report View Options hot spots
Value Option
SUM 1 SUM Only data sets/members
DS 2 DS Only data sets
RES 3 RES Original report
Table 2. F4 string selection menu
Value Option
View 1 View View resource
Edit 2 Edit Edit resource
SELect 3 Select Select resource list
Dslist 4 Dslist ISPF data set list
Search 5 Search Nested search
ALL 6 All Show all occurrences
FIRST 7 First Find first occurrence
PREV 8 Prev Find previous occurrence
NEXT 9 Next Find next occurrence
LAST 10 Last Find last occurrence
  • You can use the KEYS command to assign a value of 'HFMSRCHK value' or 'HFMELIBD KEY value' to another function key, or enter the value on the command line and press F4.
  • The capital letters are used in the Value column to denote the abbreviated value that is supported.