About this document

This document provides guidance and reference information for users of HCL Z Data Tools working with QSAM data sets, VSAM data sets, IAM data sets, PDS members, Websphere MQ queues, or HFS files. (Throughout this document, the z/OS® UNIX file systems, HFS and zFS, are referred to as "HFS".)

Z Data Tools contains four "flavors" of Z Data Tools, for working in different environments or with different data formats:

This document describes the Z Data Tools Base component. In the rest of this document, the term "Z Data Tools" refers only to the Base component, not to the Db2, IMS, or CICS components.

This document is divided into three parts:

Part 1. Working with Z Data Tools
Introduces key concepts, provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks using the ISPF panel interface, and describes how to use Z Data Tools functions in batch jobs, REXX procedures, or TSO CLISTs. The information is presented in a task-based format, with panel, field, command, and function definitions provided when they are relevant to the current task. For a complete description of a particular panel, field, command, or function, refer to the appropriate chapter in Part 2. Z Data Tools Reference.

Part 1 can be used both as a learning tool for new users and as a way to quickly find specific task instructions.

Part 2. Z Data Tools Reference
Reference information for Z Data Tools panels, commands, and functions is presented in these chapters:
  1. Z Data Tools Panel and Field Reference: Lists all of the Z Data Tools panels, provides a definition for each field in the panel and, where applicable, lists the value ranges that are valid for each field.
  2. Z Data Tools Command Reference: Lists all of the Primary and Prefix commands and gives a brief description of its syntax, usage and equivalent function.
  3. Z Data Tools Function Reference: Lists all of the Z Data Tools functions and gives a description of its syntax, usage and available parameters.

Both new and experienced users of Z Data Tools can use Part 2 to quickly look up such things as the syntax of a command or function, or the acceptable values for a field in a panel.

Part 3. Appendixes
The appendixes include the Z Data Tools Base component messages and the template XML reference.

Prerequisite and related information

Z Data Tools documentation also supports the following tasks:

Planning for, installing, customizing, and maintaining Z Data Tools
Refer first to the Z Data Tools Customization Guide which may then refer you to the Z Data Tools Program Directory for more information.
Using other Z Data Tools components
For information about the Db2, IMS, and CICS components, refer to these documents: When using any Z Data Tools component under ISPF, you can also refer to the online help.