Exported Stacked Volumes (ESVs)

In this document, movement of logical volumes (and the data they contain) out of a Virtual Tape Server (VTS) is referred to as ‘export’, and movement of logical volumes into a VTS is referred to as ‘import’. A physical volume managed by a VTS that contains logical volumes that can be removed from the VTS is referred to as an ‘Exported Stacked Volume’.

Other terms used in this document in discussions about using Z Data Tools options with Exported Stacked Volumes are:

Internal Stacked Volume. A volume internal to a VTS used to archive logical volumes when the raid array is full. This volume is not in the same format as an Exported Stacked Volume.

logical volume. A tape volume created in a VTS. A logical volume may be physically on raid array in the VTS, on an Internal Stacked Volume, or on an Exported Stacked Volume. The logical volume is equivalent to a physical tape volume in a non-VTS environment.