Controlling how far you scroll

To control how far you scroll when you press one of the scrolling function keys, enter a scroll amount in the Scroll field:

Scroll amount
One screen at a time
Half a screen at a time
One line or column less than a screen at a time
To the cursor position (if the cursor is not positioned on a record when the scroll is performed, then the scroll amount defaults to PAGE)
To the end of the data in the direction indicated by the scrolling function key.
A number of columns (when scrolling left or right) or a number of records or lines (when scrolling up or down) at a time

You can temporarily override the amount in the Scroll field by typing a scroll amount on the Command line, then pressing a scroll function key. For example, if you enter 8 on the Command line, then press the Right function key (F11), Z Data Tools scrolls right 8 columns.