Backing up a single OAM object

To back up a single OAM object, specify:
  • The collection name and object name for the object.
  • The output data set, according to the normal rules for sequential output or VSAM output functions.
  • For VSAM output, whether you want to replace any existing records in the data set.
  • Whether you want to create an object header. (An object header is a header record with directory information for every object copied, for later use in object restore operations.)

    If you want only the data within the object, specify that you do not want an object header. For VSAM, the output data set can be a linear data set, an ESDS or RRDS with an appropriate block size, or a KSDS (if the OAM object contains information that can be used as keys).

    If you want the object as such (for example, to create a backup copy that you might later copy back to an OAM object collection), you should specify that you want an object header. For VSAM, you should use an ESDS.

    The object header is intended for use by the Z Data Tools option only. It is not designed for use by products other than Z Data Tools.

  • The block size for the output data set. The default is 4096.
  • The other input parameters (such as limit parameter or the optical disk volume serial number) apply when you are backing up a single object.