Backing up many OAM objects

To back up many OAM objects, specify:
  • Which objects you want to back up. You must specify a collection name, an optical disk volume serial number, or both. You can back up all of the objects within the collection, volume, or collection/volume combination, or you can back up a subset of the objects based on these criteria:
    • A generic object name, containing at least one percent sign (%), asterisk (*), or double asterisk (**). (With a non-generic object name, you back up a single object as described previously.)
    • The limit parameter, to limit the backup to objects on DASD, objects on optical disks, or objects on a specific optical disk volume. (If you specify an optical disk volume serial number, you must also specify VOLSER for the limit parameter.)
    • The earliest creation date
    • The latest creation date
  • The output data set, according to the normal rules for sequential output or VSAM output functions. For VSAM output, the data set must be an ESDS.
  • For VSAM output, whether you want to replace any existing records in the data set.
  • The block size for the output data set. The default is 4096.
  • The header parameter does not apply when you are backing up many objects. A header is automatically generated for each object. This object header is intended for use by Z Data Tools options only. It is not designed for use by products other than Z Data Tools.