Using Z Data Tools functions in REXX procedures or TSO clists

To call a Z Data Tools function from a REXX procedure, use the following syntax:
HFMMAIN "$function-name-parameters"
To call a Z Data Tools function from a CLIST, use the following syntax:
HFMMAIN $function-name-parameters

Join the parameter names and values with an equal sign or a blank. Separate these pairs with a comma or blank.

For example:

Within a REXX procedure, all profile settings are taken from the installation defaults. For details on changing Z Data Tools default profile settings, see Z Data Tools Customization Guide.


The following example shows a REXX procedure that uses Z Data Tools functions.
Figure 1. Example REXX procedure using Z Data Tools functions
/* REXX */
/* ***************************************************/
/* Example: Execute Z Data Tools functions from REXX */
/* ***************************************************/
parse upper source environment.
/* List the catalog entries on the printout                        */
HFMMAIN "$SCS FUNCTION=PRINT"   /* call SCS for the master catalog */
say "SCS return code:" RC
/* Provided the installation default for PRINTOUT is PRINTOUT=REXX */
/* then commands from this platform will be directed to the stem   */
/* variable FILEM.                                                 */
filem.0=0                       /* discard any previous output     */
                                /* call SCS for a user catalog     */
say "SCS return code:" RC
/* Display the FILEM.n variable contents                           */
SAY ">>> SCS output:"
DO i=1 to filem.0               /* process all printed lines       */
  SAY filem.i                   /* display the printline           */