Handling errors

Z Data Tools sets the following return codes:

All Z Data Tools functions processed successfully.
Z Data Tools terminated because of an error. Z Data Tools or system messages identify the error. For more information about Z Data Tools messages, see Z Data Tools messages.
Not enough storage to load Z Data Tools.

If an error is detected, Z Data Tools issues an error message and terminates. If an error causes the system to cancel a Z Data Tools function (for example, a file open error), Z Data Tools tries to recover from the cancel condition and close any files left open before it terminates.

Some Z Data Tools functions have their own return codes. If you receive a return code that is not listed above, refer to the description of the function in Functions.

  1. In addition to the return codes provided by Z Data Tools, you can create your own return codes during the installation and customization of the product. These customized codes take precedence over any default Z Data Tools return codes. The functions that can have customized return codes are:
    • CLM (Load Module Compare)
    • DSC (Data Set Copy)
    • DSEB (Data Set Edit Batch)
    • DSG (Data Set Generate)
    • DSM (Data Set Compare)
    • DSP (Data Set Print)
    • DSU (Data Set Update)
    • DVT (Display VTOC)
    • FCH (Find/Change)

    If you receive return codes that do not match the ones described here or in the Function Reference chapter, they might have been customized for your site. Contact your Z Data Tools systems administrator for information.

  2. In batch, you may want to transform an original or customized non-zero return code to an abend (Abend 999, Reason Code=888 (hex: 378)). It could also be forced by installation at your site. Abnormal termination of a Z Data Tools step prevents execution of successors (steps or jobs). Check the ABENDCC option of the SET command, or contact your Z Data Tools system administrator for details.