Which tasks can be enhanced

You can supply a procedure with DFSORT or REXX statements to enhance normal Z Data Tools processing according to your own requirements.

Table 1. Situations in which you can supply an enhanced procedure
When performing this task… REXX DFSORT
Copying data with the Copy Utility (option 3.3) or DSC function 1
Editing a data set with the DSEB function (not available in panels)2  
Printing data with the Print Utility (option 3.2) or DSP function 1
Updating records in a data set with the DSU function (not available in panels)2  
Finding or changing data with the Find/Change Utility (option 3.6) or FCH function  
  1. DFSORT cannot be used on PDS(E)s.
  2. You must supply REXX statements with the DSEB and DSU functions. In other situations, this is optional.