Creating and supplying a procedure

Your procedure, containing DFSORT or REXX statements or a combination of all of these, can be supplied as:

Saved procedures must reside in a member of a fixed or variable format PDS. The record length of the data set is unrestricted, but must be at least large enough for complete tokens to be entered, with consideration given to the statement continuation requirements of DFSORT (as processed by Z Data Tools, see below) and REXX. A record length of 80 meets these requirements comfortably. With this length, procedure statements can be copied into a temporary Edit session without truncation or used as an inline procedure in a JCL Edit session.

Whether a procedure is entered at the terminal, saved in a PDS, or supplied as an inline procedure in JCL, it must follow the rules described below for Z Data Tools procedures, as well as the specific rules for DFSORT and REXX statements defined by the DFSORT and REXX products.