Using templates with enhanced processing

If you specify a template for DSEB and DSU, it is ignored, except for calls in a REXX program to the REXX external function PRINT that specify TABL or SNGL format. For details, see PRINT.

For the other functions and panels that you can enhance, any record selection by the template is performed before the procedure is run; only those records that the template selects are passed to the procedure for further processing.

Regardless of whether or not the template you are using selects only certain fields, the INREC and OUTREC variables defined for the REXX environment contain complete records with all fields. However, after the REXX statements in the procedure have been processed (or when you call the PRINT function in the procedure with TABL or SNGL format), the record is printed using only the fields selected by the template.

You cannot specify a template for use with FCH or Find/Change Utility (option 3.6).

For information on using templates, see Creating and editing templates.