Dropping a record from further processing

Except for the DSEB function, if the REXX code returns normally after processing a record, then that record is considered to be “selected”, and the contents of OUTREC are used as the output record for copying, printing, updating, or inclusion in a Find/Change report (according to the function or panel you are enhancing). However, if a RETURN DROP (or RETURN STOP IMMEDIATE) statement is executed, then the current record is “dropped” from further processing by Z Data Tools, and is not copied, printed, updated, or included in a Find/Change report.

For Data Set Copy (DSC) and Data Set Print (DSP), the DFSORT OMIT statement can be used to "drop" a record form further processing.

For DSEB, the contents of OUTREC are only written to the output data set when you call the UPDATE function. If you leave the procedure or move to another record before calling the UPDATE function, then any changes to the current OUTREC are lost.