How to use this reference chapter

This chapter lists the Z Data Tools functions in alphabetical order, followed by the REXX external functions in alphabetical order.

The following subsections are supplied, where relevant, for each function:
A short summary of what you can do with the function.
Usage notes
A more detailed explanation of the function.
A more detailed explanation of the function.
Return Codes
Lists the return codes that are specific to the function.
Related functions
Other functions that are related in some way (for example, if the function is for tapes, the list of other tape functions).
A syntax diagram, followed by a parameter list. The parameter list describes the parameter, and shows (where appropriate) its maximum value and default value.

If you specify parameters that are not relevant to the function, Z Data Tools ignores them. If you specify the same parameter more than once, Z Data Tools uses the first value that you specify.

Batch example
A listing of a sample batch job.