Primary Commands

L string
Searches for the value in the member name and description fields. L JCL searches member name and description for the value JCL.
F string
Searches the contents of the members for one or more strings. This performs an enhanced search of the reference data set for the string you entered. Use the AND & OR | connectors to provide more than one string. If your reference list was produced from the enhanced search command panel, you can select the member for that panel by pressing the enter key with the cursor that is positioned on a member name in the enhanced search report.
S member
For a list produced from the enhanced search command panel, this selects the member for the enhanced search panel if it exists; otherwise, you will be placed in an edit session with the member.
SORT column
You can sort any column by placing the cursor on the column header and pressing enter. Alternatively, you can issue the sort command where the column values are:
  • NAME
  • DESCription
  • DATE
  • SIZE