Field Descriptions

Data set name
This is the name of the data set that contains reference members.

Leave this field blank to select from a history list.

You can enter a generic name to select from a matching data set list. In a generic name, use the percent mark % to represent a single character and an asterisk mark * to represent any number of characters within one qualifier. Two asterisks ** represent any number of characters within any number of qualifiers.

If the data set name is not found in the catalog, a prompt to allocate the data set will be displayed.
Note: The allocate dialog should be used to allocate the reference data set to ensure it is defined with the correct file attributes.
Member pattern
Specifies a member pattern to filter the member list.
Column Descriptions:
Reference member name.
Input field to update or view existing member descriptions.
Date changed
The date and time the member was last modified.
Number of lines in the member.