Starting an editor session with a template

To display your data with a template:

Note: This process assumes that you have an existing template that you can use to format your data. For details on creating new templates or editing an existing template before use, see Creating and editing templates.
  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 in Starting an editor session without using templates.
  2. If required, select the Include only selected records option. This option is only effective when using a template and you are using either:
    • Record sampling, or
    • A record limit of "MEMORY"
    Note: If you have selected the Include only selected records option, the editor session operates in an in-storage way.
  3. In the Copybook or Template section of the panel, specify the data set in which your copybook template or dynamic template is stored, or use a wildcard character to select from a list.
    Note: The Use I/O exit option only affects the data set that you are choosing to view. It cannot be used to process the template or copybook that you are using to format the data.
  4. In the same section, specify the Member name or leave the Member name field blank to choose from the list of Members in a partitioned data set.
  5. In the Copybook/template usage field, type 1 to select the Above option.

    Alternatively, if you have previously used a template with the input data set, you can select option 2. Previous. The Previous option instructs Z Data Tools to ignore the contents of the Copybook or Template fields, and instead use the template that you have most recently associated with the input data set.

    If you want to edit the template before using it, select the Edit template field.

  6. Press Enter to process the panel.

    If you have provided the complete name of your input data set and data set member and your template data set and data set member, the Edit (or View) panel displays your data.

    If you used a pattern to specify your data sets or members, the Data Set Selection or Member Selection panels are displayed in the following order:

    • Data Set Selection panel
    • Template Data Set Selection panel
    • Template Member Selection panel
    • Member Selection panel

    Select the required data sets or members from the lists by typing an S in the Prefix field, then pressing Enter. The Edit (or View) panel displays your data.

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