Controlling how far you scroll

To control how far you scroll when you press one of the scrolling function keys, enter a scroll amount in the Scroll field:

Scroll amount
One screen at a time
Half a screen at a time
One line or column less than a screen at a time
To the cursor position (if the cursor is not positioned on a record when the scroll is performed, then the scroll amount defaults to PAGE)
To the end of the data in the direction indicated by the scrolling function key.
A number of columns (when scrolling left or right) or a number of records or lines (when scrolling up or down) at a time
  1. When you use the Next function key (F11) or Previous function key (F10) to scroll through records, the only indication that a hidden record has been skipped is that the record number (shown in the upper right corner of the screen) skips accordingly. For details, see Hiding or showing records in SNGL display format.
  2. In TABL display format, scrolling left or right moves to the start of the field that is closest to the specified scroll amount. For example, if the Scroll field contains CSR, then moving your cursor into a field and pressing the Right function key (F11) scrolls the display right so that the first column of the field is at the left of the screen. If you enter a numeric (nnnn) scroll amount, it is treated as an absolute column number (rather than a relative number), and the display scrolls to the start of the field that occupies that column.

You can temporarily override the amount in the Scroll field by typing a scroll amount on the Command line, then pressing a scroll function key. For example, if you enter 8 on the Command line, then press the Right function key (F11), Z Data Tools scrolls right 8 columns.