Overview of shared file features

Z Data Tools allows you to work with files that are used in a shared environment.

Features include:
  • Ensuring that an update you are about to commit to does not overwrite another user's update (Edit only). This is referred to as record integrity checking.
  • Ability to refresh the contents of an individual record at any time.
  • Refreshing a record before displaying it in SNGL display format.
  • Saving an individual record, or range of records, while remaining in the current Edit session.
  • Performing periodic SAVEs of a file after a specified number of changes (Edit only).
  • While processing a CHANGE command with the ALL operand, performing periodic SAVEs of a file.
  • Retrying the CHANGE process for a record that, when being SAVEd, has been updated by another user.

Each of the above features is described later in this section.