Editing a template (E)

To edit a template:

  1. In the Data set name field in the Template section, type the name of the data set in which your existing template is stored.

    Templates can be stored in PDS or PDSE data sets but not in a CA-Panvalet library, or a library accessed using the Library Management System Exit.

  2. If you know it, type the Member name of the template into the relevant field or specify blanks or a pattern for the member name to have a member selection list displayed. You can then select the required member from the list.
  3. On the Command line, type the E command and press Enter.

    Z Data Tools displays the Field Selection/Edit panel. (See Field Selection/Edit panel for information about the fields, primary and prefix commands available on that panel.)

Note: If you do not provide a template data set name, but have entered the details of a copybook, Z Data Tools creates a temporary template to edit and use to view data. Before exiting the current panel, you can save the template by specifying a template name and entering the SAVE command. Otherwise the template is discarded.