Mapping using different templates

The mapping relationship is stored in the “To” or “New” template. The mapping information is the field identifier and the field name. When you reuse a template to copy or compare data, the mapping information is checked. Z Data Tools makes sure that the field in the specified position has the specified name. If this is not the case, Z Data Tools indicates that the mapping has broken down, with an “Invalid mapping in target” message.

This means that you can use a template that is different from the “From” or “Old” template you used to set up the mapping, provided that the structure of the new “From” or “Old” template does not differ from the structure of the original “From” or “Old” template. That is, no fields that have been used in the mapping are in a different position or have a different name. The new “From” or “Old” template can, however, have different selection conditions.

You can also use a “To” or “New” template as a “From” or “Old” template. However, any mapping information in the template is ignored.