Viewing segmented data in SNGL display mode

In SNGL display mode, the Z Data Tools default is to hide the suppressed records. (This is controlled by the Expose (do not group) records of types editor option, for which you can select these types of records: Not selected, Suppressed, Length error). This means that when you access SNGL mode, you will only see one segment type as you scroll through the data using the NEXT (F11) and PREVIOUS (F10) commands.

To view all the segment types in SNGL mode, you need to display the suppressed records, by entering the SHOW SUP ON command. When the suppressed records are displayed, the NEXT (F11) and PREVIOUS (F10) commands scroll through each segment type, treating each as a separate record. To scroll through the physical records, you can use the NEXTREC (Shift+F11 or F23) and PREVREC (Shift+F10 or F22) commands. These commands take you to the beginning of the next or previous physical record, that is, you will view the first segment type of each record. You can also use the UP (F7) or DOWN (F8) commands to scroll within the current record.

To find a segment type and then scroll through segmented data in SNGL display mode, viewing the same segment type:

  1. Enter the SHOW SUP ON command to display all the segment types.
  2. Use the NEXT command (F11) to scroll through the segment types until the type you want is displayed.
  3. Enter the SHOW SUP OFF command. This hides the display of the suppressed records.
  4. Use the PREV or NEXT commands to scroll, looking at the same segment type each time.

To switch the segment types, you need to redisplay the suppressed records (SHOW SUP ON), scroll to the desired segment type and then re-hide the suppressed records.

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