Accessing data set lists

You can access data set lists using either the Process pull-down menu on the function entry panel or the fastpath commands REFL, REFD, and REFA.

Process pull-down menu

The function entry panels have a pull-down menu (when you select Process on the action bar) that helps you use data set lists. The Process pull-down menu allows you to access data set lists (including the reference list, REFLIST) and define, modify, save and delete personal data set lists. From the Process pull-down menu, you can select one of the following:
Current Data Set List
Displays the contents of the current data set list and allows you to modify, save, or delete the list.
Personal Data Set Lists
Displays names of all of your personal data set lists, as well as the reference list, REFLIST. You can then open a list to make it active (making it the "current data set list"), and update, delete, or save the list to another name.

Fastpath commands

You can use the following fastpath commands to access and manage data set lists:
Adds the name of the data set (and associated information) most recently referenced by the function entry panel to the specified data set list.
Displays the list of data set lists.
Displays the current data set list.