Allocating program function keys

If you are accessing data set lists frequently, you will probably find it worthwhile to allocate one or more program function (PF) keys to commands used to manage data set lists.

The commands for which you may find it helpful to allocate a PF key are:
On the Personal Data Set List panel, toggles the format of the display to include an extra (third) line where you can add or view the description for that data set entry.

On the Personal Data Set Lists panel, toggles between the standard and extended list format. The extended list format shows the first 6 data set names for each list.

Retrieves the details of the first data set entry from the current data set list. Repeated use of NRETRIEV returns details of the next data set in the current data set list. You can only use NRETRIEV on the function entry panel.
Displays the list of data set lists.
Displays the current data set list.

To allocate PF keys to one or more of the above commands, use the ISPF command, KEYS.