Configuring Z Data Tools SAR files

Each SAR file that was built using the zconbt command and the Z Data Tools Build Toolkit plug-in identifies a connection ID (connid).

This connection ID correlates with a configuration element in the server.xml z/OS® Connect WLP server. If connid is not specified in the properties file during SAR creation, a default value of "default" is used.

Associating a connid with a configuration element in server.xml allows each SAR file to have its own configuration or to share a configuration with other SAR files. The configuration element specifies the port number of the Z Common Components (HFISRV) to use when starting Z Data Tools sessions in response to API calls, and a maximum timeout value for these sessions. For example, in server.xml:
<ZDataTools_Connection id=”default” runport=”9043” max_timeout=”1800” />
You can have as many <ZDataTools_Connection> configuration elements as are required by your SAR files. Your service will use the configuration element with an id that matches the connid specified in the properties file during SAR creation. For example, a SAR file created with connid=HFISRV7 will use a configuration element with a matching id. For example:
<ZDataTools_Connection id=”HFISRV7” runport=”9143” max_timeout=”3600” />
If a configuration element in the server.xml cannot be found that matches the connid of the SAR file, the element with id="default" is used.

The provided SAR files zdtService.sar, zdtIMSService.sar, and zdtDB2Service.sar use connids zdtService, zdtIMSService, and zdtDB2Service respectively.