Specific method responses for z/OS files

A successful response generates an HTTP status code of 200. Failures produce an appropriate status code and an error message describing the cause of the failure.

Z Data Tools Service Provider generates the following JSON format in response to a successful specific method request:
    "records" : 
            "last" : boolean,
            "layouts" : 
                "layout-name" :
                    "field1-name" : "value",
                    "field2-name" : "value",
                    "field3-name" : "value",
                    "fieldn-name" : "value"
    "token" : "string"

Key fields for a specific method response are explained in the following table:

Key Description
records An array of 0 or more record objects.
last Indicates whether the record is the last in the data source. This key is only present if the value is true.
layouts An array of 1 or more Z Data Tools layouts associated with the record.
layout-name The key is the name of the record layout as in the Z Data Tools template or copybook. The value is an object containing one or more fields related to the layout.
The key is the name of the data field. The value is the value of the data field.
token A Z Data Tools session token. A token is returned when a request sets "session" : true and does not also pass a token value. The token represents a Z Data Tools session running in the z/OS® environment and can be used by subsequent requests when multiple reads by a client are required.

To end the Z Data Tools session, the client must send a request with the token and "session" : false, otherwise the session will eventually time out if inactive.